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Alpari review

Alpari Review

Alpari is a reputable broker that is regulated by the FSC. Alpari offers four retail investor accounts to Botswana Traders. Overall, Alpari has a Trust Score of 95% out of 100Alpari is currently not regulated by the CBN.

Updated : August 23, 2023

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Account Types and Features

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Account Registration

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Trading Platforms

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Deposits and Withdrawals

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Education and Research

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Alpari at a glance

🏛️ HeadquarteredMauritius
🏛️ Global OfficesCapital Markets Authority (CMA)
👍 Accepts Botswanan Traders?Yes
📅 Year Founded1998
📱 Botswanan Office Contact NumberNone
⚖️ RegulationFinancial Services Commission Mauritius (FSC)
🔎License NumberC113012295
⚖️ MFED, BoB, or NBFIRA RegulationNo
✴️ Regional RestrictionsThe United States, Mauritius, Japan, Canada, Haiti, Suriname, the Democratic Republic of Korea, Brazil, Puerto Rico, The Occupied Area of Cyprus
☪️ Islamic AccountYes
📈 Demo AccountYes
📈 Retail Investor Accounts4
🚀 Offers a BWP Account?No, only USD, EUR, GBP, and NGN
💻 Dedicated Botswanan Account Manager?No
📈 Maximum Leverage1:1000
📈 Leverage Restrictions for Botswana?No
💳 Minimum Deposit 5 USD or 66 BWP
💳 Botswanan Pula Deposits Allowed?Yes
💰 Active Botswanan Trader Stats250,000+
💰 Botswana Daily Forex TurnoverUnknown, Forex overall is $6.6 Trillion
💳 Deposit and Withdrawal OptionsBank Transfers, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Electronic Payment Systems, Bitcoin, Bank Wire Transfer
💰 Segregated Accounts with Botswanan Banks?No
💻 Trading PlatformsMetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5
💰 Tradable AssetsForex Majors, Forex Minors, Forex Exotics, Forex RUB, Spot Metals, Spot Commodities, Stock Trading, Spot Indices
🌐 Offers USD/BWP currency pair?No
🌐 USD/BWP Average SpreadN/A
📈 Offers Botswanan Stocks and CFDsYes
👨‍💼 Languages supported on WebsiteEnglish, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Persian, Indonesian, Spanish, Filipino, Portuguese, Malaysian
👥 Customer Support LanguagesMultilingual
👥 Customer Service Hours24/5
👥 Botswanan-based customer support?Yes
💰 Bonuses and Promotions for BotswanansYes
✴️ Education for Botswanan beginnersYes
📊 Proprietary trading softwareNo
💰 Most Successful Botswanan TraderCurrently unknown
✔️Is Alpari a safe broker for Botswanans?Yes
✔️Rating for Alpari Botswana9/10
✔️Trust score for Alpari Botswana95%

Overall Rating

Min Deposit

96 BWP / 5 USD



Trading Desk

MetaTrader 4



Total Pairs


Islamic Account


Trading Fees


Account Activation Time

24 Hours

Alpari International Overview

👉 Alpari was established in 1998 and it rebranded to Alpari International in 2013.


👉 Alpari has a large presence in Botswana because of its local offices in the region.


👉 According to the official website of Alpari International, the broker is one of the largest brands in the industry. There is a dedicated team that works toward providing comprehensive trading and investment solutions to retail traders and investors.


👉 There is a broad range of services offered that allows retail traders to ensure that they get the best guidance, financial advice, and resources to make informed investment decisions.


👉 Alpari International is a globally recognized broker that manages a safe, fair, and transparent trading environment geared towards both beginner and professional traders.


👉 To date, there are over 2 million registered users who use the services of Alpari International from 8 global locations across three continents. Alpari International has over 20 years’ experience in several financial markets and the broker offers more than 250 financial instruments.


👉 This Alpari Botswana review will provide traders the details that they need to consider whether the broker is suited towards their unique trading objectives and needs.


Distribution of Traders

👉 The distribution of traders for Alpari is as follows:

➡️️ Germany – 18%

➡️️ Bahamas – 15.95%

➡️️ Nigeria – 14.25%

➡️️ Russian Federation – 7.82%

➡️️ Turkey – 6.96%


Popularity among traders who choose Alpari

👉 Alpari has a large market share in Botswana of over 14%, making this broker part of the Top 5 brokers for Botswana traders.


Regulation and Safety of Funds

Alpari regulation Botswana

👉 According to the official Alpari International website, the broker operates in the Republic of Mauritius under the name Exinity Limited, with Alpari International as the trading arm of this entity.


👉 Alpari International is regulated and overseen by the Financial Services Commission in Mauritius under license number C113012295 Code FS-4.1, Code SEC-2.1B. The financial institutions and the liquidity providers that Alpari International uses have a high level of trustworthiness to ensure that the trading environment is safe and fair.


👉 Alpari International is fully compliant with all anti-money laundering procedures and the broker is geared towards accountability, transparency, security, and building a solid reputation as an international forex broker.


👉 All client funds are kept in segregated accounts, separate from the broker’s funds, with top-tier banking institutions in Europe. The funds that Alpari International receives are not used to run operations or to fulfil financial obligations. Clients who register a live trading account with Alpari International are subject to a “Know our Customer” (KYC) procedure whereby clients must verify their identity and their proof of address.


Account Types and Features

👉 Alpari International offers retail forex traders a choice between four live trading accounts spread across Micro, Professional, ECN, and Standard accounts, allowing traders to choose the one that suits their unique trading objectives and needs.


👉 Regardless of the trading experience of traders, they can find a suitable trading solution through Alpari International.


Live Trading Accounts

👉 The live trading accounts that Alpari International offers include a Forex Standard Account (MetaTrader 4), Forex Micro Account (MetaTrader 4), Forex ECN Account (MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5), Forex Pro Account (MetaTrader 4).


Forex Standard Account (MetaTrader 4) Features

👉 Alpari International’s standard FX account is accessible to traders of all skill levels and provides a user-friendly and safe trading environment. The standard account offered by Alpari International provides ideal trading conditions for most intermediate traders.

Account FeatureValue
💰 Base Account Currency OptionsUSD, EUR, GBP, NGN
💳 Minimum Deposit1,300 BWP, 100 USD, EUR, GBP, or 20,000 NGN
💳 Maximum DepositNone
📈 Maximum LeverageFloating from 1:1000
💰 Commission ChargesNone
📈 Average SpreadFloating from 1.2 pips
🚀 Order Execution TypeInstant
📊 Margin Call (%)60
📊 Stop-Out (%)40
✴️ Swap-Free OptionYes
✴️ Range of Markets61 pairs – Forex Major Pairs, Minors, Exotics, 5 Spot Metals, 14 Spot CFDs
📊 Minimum Trade Volume0.01 lots
📊 Maximum Trade Volume30 lots
💰 Maximum Number of OrdersUnlimited
📈 Maximum Order Volume100 Lots
📊 Maximum Pending Orders100 Lots


Forex Micro Account (MetaTrader 4) Features

👉 The Micro Account is like a traditional account with the benefit that trading is done in cents. This account is ideal for beginner traders and those who are testing their trading strategies or practicing their trading skills.

Account FeatureValue
💰 Base Account Currency OptionsUSD, EUR, GBP, NGN
💳 Minimum Deposit66 BWP, 5 USD, EUR, GBP or 1,000 NGN
💳 Maximum DepositNone
📈 Maximum LeverageFixed, 1:400
💰 Commission ChargesNone
📈 Average SpreadFloating from 1.7 pips
🚀 Order Execution TypeInstant
📊 Margin Call (%)50
📊 Stop-Out (%)30
✴️ Swap-Free OptionYes
✴️ Range of Markets25 Pairs – Forex Major Pairs, Forex Minor Pairs, 2 Spot Metals
📊 Minimum Trade Volume0.01 lots
📊 Maximum Trade Volume1 Lot
💰 Maximum Number of Orders1000
📈 Maximum Order Volume5
📊 Maximum Pending Orders100 Lots


Forex ECN Account (MetaTrader 4/5) Features

👉 The ECN Account offered by Alpari International offers flexible, transparent, and efficient trading conditions and an immersive trading experience for advanced traders. With this account, experienced traders are given the best bid/ask prices from trusted liquidity providers.


👉 Electronic Communication Network is an automated system that connects buyers and sellers to banks, brokers, or other liquidity providers so they may execute deals. Direct access to liquidity providers and the ability to match buy and sell orders are two of ECN’s many advantages.

Account FeatureValue
💰 Base Account Currency OptionsUSD, EUR, GBP, NGN
💳 Minimum Deposit6,600 BWP, 500 USD, EUR, GBP, or 20,000 NGN
💳 Maximum DepositNone
📈 Maximum LeverageFloating from 1:1000
💰 Commission Charges$1.5 per lot, per side
📈 Average SpreadFloating, from 0.4 pips
🚀 Order Execution TypeMarket
📊 Margin Call (%)100
📊 Stop-Out (%)80
✴️ Swap-Free OptionYes, only on MetaTrader 4
✴️ Range of MarketsMetaTrader 4 – 56 Pairs on Forex, 3 Spot Metals, 25 Spot CFDs
MetaTrader 5 – 57 Forex Currency Pairs, 2 Spot Metals, 14 Spot CFDs
📊 Minimum Trade Volume0.01
📊 Maximum Trade Volume50
💰 Maximum Number of OrdersUnlimited
📈 Maximum Order VolumeUnlimited
📊 Maximum Pending Orders300


Forex Pro Account (MetaTrader 4) Features

👉 The Alpari International Pro account offers professional traders the best liquidity, faster trade execution speeds, and the tightest spreads imaginable.


👉 This account is suited only to professional investors, active traders, and hedge fund managers. There are no commissions, no requotes, maximizing the trading strategy of experienced traders who know what they want from their trading account.

Account FeatureValue
💰 Base Account Currency OptionsUSD, EUR, GBP, NGN
💳 Minimum Deposit330,000 BWP, or 25,000 USD, EUR, GBP
💳 Maximum DepositNone
📈 Maximum LeverageFloating from 1:300
💰 Commission ChargesNone
📈 Average SpreadFloating, from 0.4 pips
🚀 Order Execution TypeMarket
📊 Margin Call (%)120
📊 Stop-Out (%)100
✴️ Swap-Free OptionYes, only on MetaTrader 4
✴️ Range of Markets54 Forex Pairs, 3 Spot Metals
📊 Minimum Trade Volume0.01
📊 Maximum Trade Volume250
💰 Maximum Number of OrdersUnlimited
📈 Maximum Order VolumeUnlimited
📊 Maximum Pending Orders300


Demo Account

Alpari demo account Botswana

👉 A demo account is a practice account that offers traders a certain amount of virtual funds that they can use, allowing them to enter the live market without risking their capital.


👉 There is a certain degree of risk involved when trading financial markets and Alpari International offers its clients a risk-free platform where they can test strategies, practice trading, and explore what the broker offers in a safe trading environment with real market conditions.


👉 Alpari International offers the option for a demo account on these live trading accounts, which means that the demo account will mirror the trading conditions of the live account:

➡️️ Forex Standard Account (MetaTrader 4)

➡️️ Forex ECN Account (MetaTrader 4)


Islamic Account

👉 Depending on the trading style and the trading strategy of the forex trader, they may keep their trading positions open for longer than 24 hours on a trading day.


👉 This means that the trader could incur an overnight or rollover fee. This is a type of interest that is prohibited by Riba principles of Sharia law, which means that Muslim traders are often restricted in forex trading.


👉 However, Alpari International offers Muslim traders the option of an Islamic Account conversion on the following live trading accounts:

➡️️ Standard Account (MetaTrader 4)

➡️️ Forex Micro Account (MetaTrader 4)

➡️️ Forex ECN Account (Only on MetaTrader 4)

➡️️ Forex Pro Account


Overall Rating

Min Deposit

96 BWP / 5 USD



Trading Desk

MetaTrader 4



Total Pairs


Islamic Account


Trading Fees


Account Activation Time

24 Hours


Account Registration

👉 To register an account with Alpari International, traders can visit the official website and select the option to “Register” from the homepage.


👉 A form will load, and users can simply complete the required fields with the necessary information. A code will be sent to the mobile number and the email address that the user has entered, effectively verifying the user’s contact information.


👉 Once verified, users can complete the registration and they will automatically be logged into the “MyAlpari” site that is the trader’s dashboard from where several actions can be performed.


👉 To complete registration, the user will be required to complete several other sections including their personal, contact, financial, and other information.


👉 Users must complete the KYC process by submitting proof of their identity and their residential address. Once complete, the account will be approved, and users can make the minimum deposit into their trading account.


Alpari VS Exness VS JusForex – Broker Comparison

💻 Trading PlatformMetaTrader 4
MetaTrader 5
MetaTrader 4
MetaTrader 5
MetaTrader 5
MetaTrader 4
JustMarkets App
💰 Withdrawal FeeYesNoNone
📊 Demo AccountYesYesYes
📊 Minimum Deposit66 BWP1,300 BWP130 BWP
📈 LeverageUp to 1:1000UnlimitedUp to 1:3000
📈 SpreadFrom 0.4 pipsVariable, from 0.0 pipsFrom 0.0 pips
💰 Commissions$1.5From $0.1 per side, per lot3 base currency units per lot/side
📊 Margin Call/Stop-Out60% and 40%60%/0%40%/20%
📊 Order ExecutionInstant and MarketMarketMarket
💰 No-Deposit BonusNoNoYes
📊 Cent AccountsNoYesYes
📊 Account TypesForex Standard Account (MT4)
Forex Micro Account (MT4)
Forex ECN Account (MT4/5)
Forex Pro Account (MT4)
Standard Account
Standard Cent Account
Raw Spread Account
Zero Account
Pro Account
MetaTrader 4 Standard Cent Account
MetaTrader 4 Standard Account
MetaTrader 4 Pro Account
MetaTrader 4 Raw Spread Account
MetaTrader 5 Standard Account
MetaTrader 5 Pro Account
MetaTrader 5 Raw Spread Account
⚖️ MFED, BoB, or NBFIRA RegulationNoNoNo
💳 BWP DepositsYesYesYes
🌐 Botswana Pula AccountYesNoNo
👥 Customer Service Hours24/524/724/5
📊 Retail Investor Accounts457
☪️ Islamic AccountYesYesYes


Alpari Trading Platforms

Alpari trading platforms Botswana

👉 Alpari International offers a choice between MetaTrader 4 and Metatrader 5. This ensures that traders are given an immersive, unparalleled trading experience. These trading platforms can be downloaded and installed on the following devices:

➡️️ Desktop PCs and Laptops that run Linux, Windows, and macOS.

➡️️ Mobile trading platforms for Android and iOS devices such as smartphones, tablets, iPhones, and iPads


👉 Alternatively, traders can use the web-trading interface of either trading platform by visiting the official website for MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5 or using the link provided on the official website of Alpari International.


Alpari Range of Markets

According to Alpari International’s official website, the broker offers a wide range of tradable assets spread across these asset classes:

➡️️ Forex Major Currency Pairs (19 currency pairs)

➡️️ Forex Minors (21 currency pairs)

➡️️ Forex Exotics (19 currency pairs)

➡️️ Forex Russian Ruble – EUR/RUB and USD/RUB

➡️️ Spot Metals (5)

➡️️ Spot Commodities (3)

➡️️ Stock Trading (10)

➡️️ Spot Indices (27)


Alpari VS Exness VS JustMarkets – Broker Comparison for Range of Markets

➡️️​ ForexYesYesYes
➡️️​ Precious MetalsYesYesYes
➡️️​ ETFsNoNoNo
➡️️​ CFDsYesYesYes
➡️️​ IndicesYesYesYes
➡️️​ StocksYesYesYes
➡️️​ CryptocurrencyNoNoYes
➡️️​ OptionsNoNoNo
➡️️​ EnergiesNoYesYes
➡️️​ BondsNoNoNo


Trading and Non-Trading Fees


👉 The spreads that Alpari International charges will change according to the live account type that the trader uses in addition to the financial instrument being traded, and the market conditions on the trading day.


👉 Alpari International only offers variable spreads according and traders can expect average spreads from:

➡️️ Standard Account (MetaTrader 4) – 1.2 pips EUR/USD

➡️️ Forex Micro Account (MetaTrader 4) – 1.7 pips EUR/USD

➡️️ Forex ECN Account (Only on MetaTrader 4) – 0.4 pips EUR/USD

➡️️ Forex Pro Account (Only on MetaTrader 4) – 0.4 pips EUR/USD



👉 The commissions that Alpari International charges are as a flat fee from $1.5 on the ECN Account, on both MetaTrader and MetaTrader 5. These commissions are charged per lot, per side, which means that traders will pay from $3 per round turn.


Overnight Fees, Rollovers, or Swaps

👉 These fees are charged when traders leave their position open for longer than 24 hours after the trading session has concluded. Traders will either pay fees or they will receive credit, depending on whether they hold a short or a long position.


👉 The average overnight fees that traders can expect on, for instance, EUR/USD is -0.06 pips on a short position and -0.61 on a long position.


Deposit and Withdrawal Fees

👉 Alpari International does not charge any deposit fees. There are withdrawal fees charged on the several withdrawal methods offered by the broker, including:

➡️️ FasaPay – 0.5%

➡️️ South-East Asia Online Banking – 1.4%

➡️️ Latin American Solutions – (Mexico) 1% + 1 EUR

➡️️ African Local Solutions (C) – 1 USD

➡️️ Nganluong – 1.1% + 0.05 USD

➡️️ Visa, Mastercard, Maestro – 2 EUR, 3 USD, or 2 GBP

➡️️ WebMoney – 2%

➡️️ Perfect Money – 0.5%

➡️️ Bitcoin – 1%

➡️️ Bank Wire Transfer – 30 EUR


Deposits and Withdrawals

Alpari deposits and withdrawals Botswana

Alpari International offers the following deposit and withdrawal methods:

➡️️ FasaPay

➡️️ Local Banking China

➡️️ Indonesian Local Bank Transfer

➡️️ Latin American solutions

➡️️ TC Payment

➡️️ Latin American solutions via Skrill

➡️️ Mexican Local Transfer

➡️️ Egypt Local Transfer

➡️️ Telepay Local Transfer

➡️️ Afghan Local Transfers

➡️️ Palestinian Local Transfers

➡️️ African local solutions (C)

➡️️ PayR LATAM

➡️️ South-East Asia Online Banking

➡️️ Turkish Local Transfers

➡️️ Local Exchange House

➡️️ Nigeria Local Bank Wire Transfer

➡️️ Nganluong (E-wallet & banking channel)

➡️️ GlobePay

➡️️ Iraq Local Transfers (SHAK)

➡️️ Online Banking Thailand

➡️️ China Online Banking (P)

➡️️ Visa

➡️️ Mastercard Debit/Credit Card

➡️️ Maestro

➡️️ Skrill

➡️️ Neteller


➡️️ Crypto Wallets

➡️️ TC Pay Wallet

➡️️ WebMoney

➡️️ Perfect Money

➡️️ Bitcoin

➡️️ Bank Wire Transfer


The process to Withdraw Funds from an Alpari Account

👉 To make a withdrawal from an Alpari trading account, traders can:

➡️️ Log into their MyAlpari client portal

➡️️ Go to the “My Money” section

➡️️ Select the “Withdraw” option

➡️️ Choose the Alpari trading account or wallet from which to withdraw funds

➡️️ Complete the withdrawal request form

➡️️ Indicate the reason for making a withdrawal

➡️️ Enter the PIN that was sent to the trader’s email or SMS

➡️️ Submit the withdrawal request


👉 To successfully request for a withdrawal from an Alpari account, the trading profile must be fully verified before withdrawals can be processed. When making a withdrawal, traders must use the same payment method that they used when they made a deposit.


👉 In addition, withdrawals must be made proportionally to the deposits as per the payment method that was used. Alpari also warns that some credit card withdrawals can only be made within a year from when the initial deposit was made.


👉 All withdrawal requests are processed by Alpari within 24 hours by the Back Office. However, processing times can depend on the withdrawal method that was used as some methods may take longer, especially bank wires.


Overall Rating

Min Deposit

96 BWP / 5 USD



Trading Desk

MetaTrader 4



Total Pairs


Islamic Account


Trading Fees


Account Activation Time

24 Hours


Education and Research

👉 Alpari International offers a range of educational material on its official website, spread across the following:

➡️️ Forex Trading Webinars

➡️️ Beginners’ Guide to Trading

➡️️ Forex Trading Strategies Guide

➡️️ Commodity Trading Guide

➡️️ Precious Metals Trading Guide

➡️️ In terms of research, Alpari International offers comprehensive proprietary CopyTrade solutions, Strategy Manager Rankings, and several other resources that can be used by more advanced traders.


Bonuses and Promotions

👉 Alpari International offers the following bonuses and promotions:

➡️️ A referral bonus where traders and their referrals could earn $50 when the trader shares their unique referral link, the referral registers a live account and fulfils the terms and conditions.

➡️️ Loyalty Cashback bonus


Verdict on Alpari International

👉 According to the comprehensive Alpari review, this broker is not only an award-winning partner in forex and CFD trading but a valuable platform that caters for both beginner and professional traders. Alpari International is well-regulated and issues a risk warning on its website, ensuring that traders understand the degree of risk involved with trading leveraged products.


👉 Alpari International has a high level of transparency with its trading costs, margin requirements, deposit methods, withdrawal fees, and several crucial components. Alpari International offers a selection of retail investor accounts, proprietary Alpari CopyTrade, market and instant order execution, and more.


👉 The trading costs that Alpari International charges is decent and while it may not be the lowest in the market, the broker makes up for offering comprehensive trading solutions to novice traders, professional investors, and other market participants.


Alpari Pros and Cons

✔️ Pros❌ Cons
Alpari offers Botswanans over 250 financial instrumentsAlpari has a low trust score and regulations from only one Tier-3 regulator
Alpari supports MetaTrader 4 and MetaTraderc5There is a limited range of instruments that can be traded
There is a comprehensive, innovative mobile app offered for Android and iOSAlpari has a limited range of trading tools
Alpari CopyTrade is provided to social tradersWithdrawal fees apply to several payment methods
There are ECN trading accounts offeredInactivity fees apply
Commission-free trading is offeredThe demo account expires after 14 days
Botswanans can register a Micro Account with smaller position sizes and a lower minimum deposit requirement
Alpari offers a free demo account and Islamic Account options for Muslim traders


Frequently Asked Questions

Who regulates Alpari in Botswana?

Alpari is not regulated in Botswana, but is governed by the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius, which means they fall under Tier-3 rules (FSC).


Is Alpari legit?

Alpari is a legitimate broker. Despite being regulated at the Tier-3 level, Alpari has earned a solid reputation as a trustworthy broker thanks to its many satisfied customers.


Does Alpari have Volatility 75?

Alpari does not have Volatility 75.


Does Alpari have Nasdaq 100?

Alpari has Nasdaq 100. Botswanans can trade Nasdaq under NQ100_m as a spot index.


Can I register an Islamic Account with Alpari?

You can register a Standard, Micro, ECN, or Pro Account on MT4 and convert this live account to an Islamic Account.


How many financial instruments can I trade with Alpari?

You can trade over 250 financial instruments with Alpari spread across Forex, commodities, metals, indices, and shares.


Can I register a Botswanan Pula Account with Alpari?

You cannot register a BWP-denominated account with Alpari. You can only choose between USD, EUR, GBP, or NGN as the base currency on a retail account.

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